Products is a private, secure, accountable messaging service that allows you to send messages and files and know when the recipient has opened them. You can say what you need to say in a message without fear of it being sent on to someone else. High-profile individuals can use it without fear of their e-mail address becoming public. Compliance with the transmission of regulated information such as Private Health Information (PHI) which through can be sent in a HIPAA compliant manner. Organizations can send notifications, prove that they were sent and when it was read, eliminating the “I did not get the memo” problem.

Comco, Inc. El Paso Texas - private, secure, accountable messaging
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Comco, Inc. El Paso Texas IT-Work Order - project management system
IT-Work Order provides:
  • A dynamic Work Order System with mobile capability to track and manage help desk tickets easily and from anywhere.
  • A Time Entry / Management System giving you the tools to accurately and in great detail report how your labor resources are being allocated.
  • A Project Management System that comes as a direct result of the integration between the work order and time entry system. The project management system provides real-time status with accurate detail on how well a project is being completed.
Have you ever asked?
  • How much of my IT labor resources are consumed by specific departments?
  • How do I build a return on investment or cost justify the purchase of new equipment or hiring additional employees?
  • Who are my top performers and how do I justify their pay?
  • Do I have proper documentation in the event an employee is let go?
IT-Work Order gives you the tools and reports you need to answer these questions in addition to providing you with:
  • Transparency
  • Control
  • Ability to view trends and identify user behavior
  • Accountability
  • Confidence
  • Ability to tie labor dollars to specific issues

EASE-G is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based utility tracking software package designed to aid Energy/Resource Managers and ESCOs in comparing an organization’s current energy/utility consumption to a base year’s consumption. It is designed to take into account all the variables that make year-to-year comparisons difficult and to produce both executive high-level reports and detailed reports at the organization, the building, and the meter-level.
Comco, Inc. El Paso Texas EASE-G - utility tracking

EASE-G is very user-friendly, while at the same time providing an array of powerful features.

  • Weather-adjusted baseline – complete with user definable correlation coefficients and neutral degree day set points. The user can also decide to apply or disregard weather adjustments for the organization.
  • Allocatable consumption – usage for single meters that serve multiple buildings can be divided by either square footage or a percentage factor determined by the user. A second level of allocation allows the user to further assign consumption based upon observed operating practices.
  • Detailed meter reporting – carefully documenting changes in square footage, degree days and billing period length on a monthly basis.
  • Organizational reporting – including monthly Savings Profiles for the organization and year-to-date Savings Trend Profiles that rank your buildings from first to worst – providing reports for performance feed-back and for communicating your efforts to the organization and to the community.

EASE-G is powerful enough to take those variables into consideration so that equitable comparisons can be made and energy savings programs and efforts can be accurately measured.